Oh man it’s cold!!!! I hope it warms up soon…who turned down the thermostat anyway??? Our high today was somewhere around 19 degrees..wind chill factors at below 0. Yikes. I am so ready for spring!!!
And of course it had to become the tundra in the great inland northwest right when the kidlets have a 4 day weekend….so they can’t go out to play. It’s gonna be a looooooong weekend!

Clayton had a “play date” with his “girlfriend” today…how cute is that??? (um…not so cute..he’s only 11…I’m not ready for this!) He was so nervous last night, he made her a “scrapbook” page…it was adorable LOL!!! When he got home tonight I asked him if he had a good time and he said he did, then he told me that her mom asked him “what exactly is your interest in my daughter?” LOL!!! Go mom!!! He said he told her he just wanted to be her friend….for now. (choke, cough, hack) Then he told me that she told him that no boy has ever gotten out of her house without being questioned by her mom. Wow…at 11??? I was still playing with barbies and thought boys were gross at 11. Times they are a’changin I guess.

Well, I took the plunge and emailed that scrapper I mentioned last night. I feel kinda stupid now….I’m sure she is rolling her eyes LOL!!! But I really do admire her and value her opinion. I only hope I didn’t put her off by sending it and asking her for her help.

Brian has the weekend off this week…and I am going SHOPPING!!!!! I still have $28.00 on my LSS gift certificates from Christmas…and it is totally burning a hole in my purse!!! And I think I still have some money on my starbucks card…so me thinks tomorrow is going to be a scrapping/latte day!!!! Hooray for me!!!! I am so ready for a break. Ricky, as much as I adore that child, is incredibly clingy. And mommy needs a break now and then!

I have managed to keep my house clean for a week!!!! (hey…don’t laugh..that is quite an accomplishment for me!!!!) I have to admit it has been nice to wake up and not trip over toys and not be inundated with laundry and dishes every day. And yanno what else??? It has made me happier! I never realized that having a clean house could make you happy…wow. But I did tell myself today that I will continue to keep it up this way if it kills me!!!

Oh….I guess I forgot to update about M’Kayla…she is doing much better…her leg infection is gone and she seems to be back to her perky, mouthy, drama queen-y self!!!
Ok…off to finish making chili….nothing better on a cold day than a nice bowl of chili and some cornbread!!!


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