Scrapbooking….I did it again


Yep..that’s right…I sat down last night and threw together another page LOL!!! Seems I do that less and less these days. I have been feeling pretty bummed about it lately…not really sure what I want to do with this hobby. (but then it really isn’t a hobby to me…I want it to be my JOB!)
Of separated at birth twin sister in crime Jaime called me….turns out she was sniffin bleach…but she gave me a little pep talk. Really made me feel good about myself.
Yanno…that sounds really horrible….but I honestly think that EVERYONE in the scrapbooking community needs to hear that their work is nice now and then. I never expect everyone to oooh and aaah over my pages…but it’s nice to get some positive feedback now and then. Especially when you are feeling badly about yourself.
I have been feeling that way a lot lately…..I seem to have lost my “mojo”
For a long time now I have had no desire to get into my scrap room….I was even considering getting rid of all of my scrappin stuff and turning the room back into a dining room. (I didn’t tell ya that Jaime LOL)
But then I went in there and sat down…I was determined to turn out a page….even if it killed me. I had to know if I was truly done with this, or if I had just hit a speed bump in my scrappin life.
Turns out I missed it….turns out I’m not done with it after all.
But now I have a decision to make….just how seriously do I want to take this??
I have never admitted this publicly before…but I really want to be on a Manufacturer DT. That is my goal. Am I good enough???? Who knows really…it is so subjective. I do think I’m talented…I do think I have a lot to offer a company. So we shall see I suppose.
So now that I know what I want to do…I suppose I should get in gear. I am going to contact someone who I have been terrified to approach and ask her advice. It’s a big step for me…really it is. I have looked up to this scrapper since I started, and it’s going to be hard for me to approach her and ask for her opinion on some things. Hopefully I won’t burden her.
I’m going to get serious about it….I know that is the only way I’m going to get where I want to go….I can’t just wait at the bus stop…I have to actually get up and board the bus!!!!
Thanks Jaime for the kick in the pants I needed…you are one awesome buddie!!!!!


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