Feb. 15, 2006


Gosh, what a day!!! It has been a real roller coaster for me lately…but the neat thing is that I’m dealing!! Cool huh?
So, today I discovered that the “Growths” on our old lab are spreading. I am not certain..but I suspect it is cancer. He is an old man, we are guessing between 13 and 15 years old…and that is oooold for a lab!!! I discussed with Brian tonight what we ought to do, and we both agreed that we would just let him be so long as he seems to be pain free and “normal”. That might not be a popular thing to do…but I’m sorry….I see no point in taking a dog to a vet to be poked and prodded and given expensive meds that will only delay the inevitable. He is going to die someday…but so long as he is happy…he will continue to live his life like he has been…running with the kids, eating table scraps (yes..he’s spoiled), sleeping at the foot of my bed at night and just being a dog. I refuse to let his last days/months be full of vet appointments and needles. Sorry…just can’t do that to him. Now should he start having trouble getting around, eating, or pottying…we will have him put to sleep, and we will be there petting him when we do. He is a member of our family and we could never abandon him. We love our Buck.
I also realized today that I hate “city folks”. My quiet little town is changing. Strip malls are going up where the fairgrounds used to be. The local Ben Franklin is closed (I’m sure to make room for some well known chain store) Houses are going up left and right…and the people who are building them are people from the city….people who saw a small town and decided it’d be a nice place to live. Then they move in and complain about having to drive to “town” to go to target….and they complain about the “smell” from their neighbor’s livestock….and they complain about “junky” properties (think single wide trailer on some acreage). Go back to the city please. Leave the farmers alone….stop building houses on our farm land, it only raises the property taxes in our area and makes it even harder for the already struggling farmers to make ends meet. Take your bratty kids out of our schools….we don’t need low riding pants and complete disrespect of our teachers here. We don’t need your newly driving teen tearing around in that new mustang you bought him or her, speeding and doing doughnuts on our dirt roads…where our children used to play without fear of speeding traffic. Where we used go go walking with our families. The worst crime we used to have around here was a round of “mailbox baseball”…..lately we have had drug busts and shootings. Just go back to the city…we don’t want you here. Ok…that little vent is over LOL. Sorry..but it irks me when people move into a rural area and then complain about how “country” it is…um…hello!
Ahem…ok…I’ll quit LOL!!!!
I also discovered today that when my house is clean, I am bored. Funny huh??? I always thought I had a messy house because I was lazy….turns out it was to keep me occupied!!! But I did get to actually watch some t.v. and scrapbook a little!!!! It was fun to have some free time.
Our taxes are filed….that was a blast…NOT! But it’s done…one less thing right???
Racing season is fast approaching….I can tell…wanna know how???? We are broke but there are shiny car parts in the back of my van!
It’s supposed to be bitter cold this week….like 8 degrees at night…I hate really cold nights like that. Tomorrow it’s out to the well house to make sure the heat tape is plugged in and the heat bulb is on…and I’m sure I’ll get a call from the “flanders” asking me to check out their well too. Sometimes being a nice neighbor sucks.
And now I must go…my coffee is cold and I need a refill. Oh, and American Idol is on tonight…so I want to get the dishes done before it’s on!!!!
So to my non-audience…I bid you goodnight.


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