poor M’Kayla!


I got a call from the school nurse on thursday, she said that M’Kayla had a “lump” on her shin and she thought I should take a look at it. So when she got home I did…wowzers!!! I had never seen anything like it in my life!! So we took her to the doctor yesterday morning, turns out the poor baby has strep throat and a bladder infection!!! The infection had spread to her leg and caused the “lump”. Weird.
I felt like the worst mother on earth…how could I not know she had strep throat???!!!!! Well…she hasn’t acted sick…at all! A few weeks ago she had a cold..you know, sniffles and a little cough…but nothing major. No fever, no other icky-I-have-strep-throat stuff. So now she is on anitbiotics. Today she is doing better, so hopefully this will knock it on it’s rear end. But still….weird.

In other news (LOL) I am smack dab in the middle of a cleaning spree. Our land lady is sending a realtor out to get an aproximate value on the property so she can price it to us (yeah!!!!) so I have to get things cleaned up. Of course, my son, in his infiniate wisdom says “mom, you should leave it junky, then he’ll think it’s worth less” Ok, so 1. I have discovered that my son thinks my house is “junky” and 2. he is a very clever, crafty kid!!!! But no, I am straightening up my “junk” and making it look nice. The house won’t be worth much anyway LOL…so my junk isn’t going to help! Say a little prayer that the price is right and that we can get into this place as owners!!!!
I got my new memory makers mag yesterday….wow. Lots of inspiration in there!!! Now I wanna scrap!!!! Oh well, cleaning first I suppose.
Ok…I’m off to mop yet another floor. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!


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