catching up….


Ok, I’m doing a little catching up today since I haven’t posted here for awhile!!! So…forgive the bullet points and short sentences!!

  • I took the plunge and tossed my hat into the ring for another DT position…not getting my hopes up..but hey, ya never know!!!
  • M’Kayla started “cheer camp” yesterday….she is so cute doing her little cheer! *note to self..get pics of that!!!!!
  • Clayton has a girlfriend…yep…that’s right…my 11 year old son has a girl calling him..he was on the phone with her for about an hour last night…I am sooooooooooooo not ready for this. *eyeroll* On the bright side…he actually WANTS to go to school now!!! LOL
  • M’Kayla turned 6 on the 7th…and discovered she has a loose tooth too…all in the same day….please tell my kids to stop growing up!!!
  • My Niece is having middle school drama…and I managed to help her out with that …thought I’m not sure how! I had forgotten how tough it is to be a teenager!!!!
  • I am furiously cleaning in anticipation of a realtor coming out to “appraise” the house so we can try to buy it….I’m tired…I don’t wanna clean anymore..and why the hell do we have so many clothes??? Do we really need that many??? I mean how much can you wear in a week??? Time to thin down the wardrobe..those jeans from highschool are not coming back into style any time soon and Brian isn’t going back into the service, so no need for those BDU’s either!!!!

Well…that’s about it for now…amazing how I lead such a boring life that I can sum it up in a few short statements LOL!!!!


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