A moment of panic


I had the worst feeling this morning when I got up and Brian wasn’t home at the usual time. But he has told me not to worry…no news is good news. All the same I stayed off the computer and close to the phone…just incase that bad feeling was something.
Then the phone rang.
I answered and it was Brian. I was so happy to hear from him…he was ok and talking to me…all was right with my world. He was probably just running late. Then he said it……
“I was in a wreck last night, I’m filling out the accident report, I’m OK, I’ll be home soon”
My stomach dropped. I knew that someday this might happen. I worry so terribly about him driving over the moutains in the snow.
Evidentally, what happened is that he was driving through some “S” curves with the semi, and hit a slick spot…the truck started to spin, hit the guard rail and the rear trailer flipped and split open. Evidentally he hit his head at some point..but was ok.
It could have been so much worse….had the trailer not flipped and dragged the truck to slow it down…Brian would have driven that semi truck off a cliff, into a river. I shudder to think about it.
He is really shaken up…I think more than he’s willing to admit. And I am just so thankful that he walked through the door this morning. I cannot imagine my life without him.
Thank you God for being in that truck with him last night.


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