10 things I learned today.


I learned a lot today…I guess the old saying is true….you are always learning!!!

  1. I learned that if I write out a “schedule” for myself, I get a LOT more done!
  2. I learned that arm and hammer baking soda is an AMAZING cleanser!
  3. I learned that playing with wooden train sets really is fun!
  4. I learned that the best sound in the world is my little one saying “I wuv you mommy.”
  5. I learned that I am more than ready for spring to come…it was a beautiful day today…LOVE the sunshine!!!
  6. I learned that grilled cheese sandwhiches and tomato soup is a feel good, filling meal!
  7. I learned that I adore my husband. The way he trudges off to work to take care of us when he’d really rather stay home and get well.
  8. I learned that if I stay off the computer….my house stays cleaner!
  9. I learned that the new puppy is terrified of the horses :: snicker ::
  10. I learned that eventhough things are not what I would call “ideal”…I have a wonderful life, beautiful children, a happy marriage, and I am truly, truly happy.

What did you learn today??


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