Kicking back with a cup o’ joe!!!


Yep, that’s what I’m doing tonight!!! It has been one hectic weekend, and for once, I’m GLAD it’s monday!!!!
We had Clayton’s birthday party at “bumpers” in the mall (it’s like an arcade place…hard to explain) I think he had a wonderful time!!! Several of his friends and most of the fam showed up. The kid RAKED it in!!! I’m always amazed at what that kid manages to get for his birthday, so soon after Christmas and all!!! He ended up with a new game cube, new gameboy game, telescope, some bottle rockets (not sure what to do to that kid’s parents…but I know there WILL be retaliation for that gift!) and about $41.00!!!! Kills me. But he had a great time and that is what matters.
Now I have to plan M’Kayla’s party…fun.

I spent most of the day sunday cleaning the house…funny, you can’t tell I did a darn thing. Drives me insane. Of course, after a full day of cleaning it was nice to sit down to watch my all time favorite new show in the whole wide world!!! Ahhhh…McDreamy.

I have not even stepped foot into my scrap room this week. It’s starting to make me sad. I NEED to scrapbook. I NEED to play with my paper. But it seems that when I run out of ink in the printer…I run out of Mojo too. So I guess until I get some more ink….there will be no scrapping for me.
I am considering applying for another DT. I’m still on the fence. I’ll keep everyone posted on what I decide.
Ok….now that I’ve caught you all up on my most boring life…I’m going to get back to my cup O’ joe…put my feet up and relax!!!


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