Our new addition!!!!


I am happy to introduce the latest addition to our little family. And it’s a BOY!!! LOL! I went up to the grocerey store on Saturday afternoon to pick up a few things for lunch and as I was leaving the store, I realized that I forgot to grab my bag of ice on the way out. So I turned around to go get it and saw a guy with his kids and a sign that said “free puppies”. (this is never a good thing for me…I’m a sucker for unwanted pets…just ask my mom!) So I went in to get my ice and when I came out I figured “what the heck, I’ll go see what they are” So I walk over and say “I see you have some puppies, what kind are they?” and then I saw him….I don’t think I actually heard what the guy said at first because I was falling in love with this little guy!!! Turns out they were purebred black labrador puppies!!! The guy had a litter of nine and had sold all but two of them. And his wife was tired of them hanging around the house, (which I totally understand…lab puppies are tiring!!) so she told him to give the last two away. There was no walking away from that face….so I put him in the van. He gave me a kiss, helped me drive, and tried to chew the van door (oops! LOL) So when I pull in the driveway…I run into a delima…HOW do I tell Brian????? So I left him in the van and went and tapped on the window and said “hey honey…can you come out here a minute???” (putting on my best “forgive me” face) His eyes got big..I know he thought I wrecked the van LOL. So he comes out and says “yessss???” and I said “ok..it was an impulse purchase…but it was free..and he’s really cute!!!” and he rolls his eyes. Then it dawns on me, M’Kayla has been asking for a kitten for MONTHS. I’m sure he thought it was a kitten!!! So we walk over to the van and he sees him…immediate love…I’ve only seen that big man melt like that twice before…at the births of his children LOL!!!! He scoops him up out of the van and the rest is history…he is ours!!!
Now you may be asking…what’s his name??? Well, we struggled and pondered that for HOURS. I suggested “dawson”, we also tossed around “rusty” (for rusty wallace) or “tie rod” and call him “ty” LOL!!! But when I said “so what IS his name going to be????” Ricky, as matter-of-factly as possible says “his name is dale heartheart junior”(he can’t say Earnhart LOL) And so we are calling him junior. Unless you ask Ricky…then you get the whole shebang. Turns out his name fits him…he’s adorable, cocky, and annoys the older dogs…just like the real junior!!! So, here is our puppy…isn’t he just adorable!?


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  1. Hey Loo Loo, He IS adorable, ya did good. I would like to put my 2 cents worth in about his name…It should be Earnhart not Junior. With a face like his, Earnhart is strong, aristocratic, noble and loyal. No matter if it’s just DAWG, he is beautiful. He and my new Collie puppy would have lots of fun. Yes, right before Christmas I got Robin and myself pups. Mine is Ivy and her’s is Ari(R E) short for Aristotle. They are 3 mons old and both weigh about 20lbs already. I still like Earnhart…call him Earny šŸ™‚

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