A roller coaster day


Wow..this has been some kinda day for me. I’m glad it’s almost over. I swear…I hate the roller coaster days. Up then down, up then down…it’s no wonder I have to be medicated!

Today’s good:

  • I stayed on my diet, ate right today!
  • I cuddled with my baby and read some stories
  • I had a wonderful time talking to Brian this morning
  • it didn’t snow :.)
  • got the living room and kitchen cleaned and did four loads of laundry
  • Made a DELICIOUS chicken for dinner…YUM it turned out great!!
  • got to talk to my friend LaSondra today, she always makes me feel so good about being me. (thanks girl! )

Today’s bad:

  • I have a terrible headache that is headed for migrane-ville.
  • I had a fight with Brian…AGAIN…about money….AGAIN
  • No one but me liked the chicken I made
  • I didn’t get to finish the page I have been working on, and all it needs is journaling.
  • I realized that my dream of buying a house is a looooooooooooong way off.
  • Ricky threw a RAGING fit at the store…I mean the kind where everyone stares and either thinks “wow…I’d whoop that kid” or “If she whoops that kid I’m turning her in to CPS” (thanks society for tying my hands when it comes to the the way I handle my children)
  • I am so tired I can’t see straight, have been all day
  • it’s supposed to snow 7-9 inches tonight, and I have to drive in it tomorrow and pay bills which I will inevitably screw up on and somehow manage to piss my husband off yet again because I cannot seem to do ANYTHING right..no matter how I do it. (I can tell you this, if he complains one more time about how I make his sandwhiches…I’m likely to throw the jar of mayo at his head.)

Needless to say it’s been a day of ups and downs for me. Now I have to go help M’Kayla with her homework (why do kindergarteners have homework???? What exactly is the point???) and then I think I’m going to go soak in a hot bath.

I sure hope tomorrow is a better day.


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