Warning: busy day ahead!


I knew it as soon as I woke up this morning..this is going to be a busy day. No sitting in front of the computer today, chatting with my friends. I actually have to get dressed and leave the house *gasp!*
So, soon I will be off on a quest for groceries, copenhagen (no..not for me..ew.) and alfalfa hay. Oh goodie. I wonder if I’m weird…I just do not like shopping!!! Most women I know love going shopping…hanging out at the mall…buying new clothes and shoes. Not me. Oh well…I guess it’s ok to be weird!
OH!! boy am I proud of myself!! I just have to share!!! I have worked out for two days in a row!!! Ok…some of you may be saying “big deal..two days..whooptie doo” but really..this is an accomplishment for me!!!! I am a little sore this morning..but nothing I can’t handle (after all, I did give birth to three monster babies…I think I can handle a little muscle soreness!) I am going to do my yoga again tonight too! I’ve been alternating between my yoga and my Walk away the pounds DVD. I just can’t stand that leslie sansone chick…she’s so perky and annoying..but if it gets my lard butt moving…I’ll do it!
Today will be a test in temptation for me. It seems like my biggest weakness is fast food. Why is that stuff so addictive!? So send me positive “avoid wendy’s” vibes today!!!!
I’m considering another DT call. I know I said I was done with that whole thing..but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t go back and forth on the issue…and I certanily wouldn’t be me if I didn’t at least try!!! I’ll post more details if I decide to dive in on this one!
Ok…I’m off to wrestle my three year old into some clothes (I swear he’s going to be a nudist when he grows up!) and head into town for some shopping and exercises in fast food avoidance.


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