Ricky’s "pops"


Well, the chicken pox are almost gone! He was so cute last night in the bath. He said “mommy…I got pops!” I just had to laugh!!! Of course, I wasn’t laughing today when I had to go to the hardware store and was standing in line and hear….”OhMYGAWD! does he have the CHICKENPOX!?” (from the lady behind me) I said “yes, but he isn’t….” and that is all I got out before she screeches “Is he CONTAGEOUS!???” I haven’t had them! Oh my GAWD!!!” (ok…I get being nervous…but come on lady…settle down) I said “no ma’am, he is no longer contageous…he is scabbed over and is past that point” and she says “are you SURE!?” (at this point I’m getting annoyed) I say “YES I’m sure…not only have I been through this with my oldest, I happen to be a CNA. I am very aware of how hazardous it would be for me to bring him out into public when he is contageous…and I am smarter than that.” and rolled my eyes and walked out. Of course as soon as I left the counter I heard her say to the cashier “can you believe she would bring him out like that!” I was apalled. I mean, I certanily understand being concerned about it…but freaking out and then questioning my ability to parent responsibly just pissed me off. But anyway…I think he is adorable…”pops” and all!!!!

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