Chicken pox…oh boy.


Yep…that’s right! My baby boy has chicken pox. It has made for an interesting week being cooped up in the house and has resulted in a severe case of cabin fever. Luckily he is starting to scab over so he will be able to rejoin the general population. Now that he’s not contageous…I should take him to the play place at McDonalds…It’ll be fun to see just how fast that place clears out once they see his spots!! (ok..that’s evil…I know..but it would be fun dontcha think??)
I did take some pictures of him…that ought to be a fun page to do!!! Oh, and speaking of scrapbooking, I am nearly done with my granny’s album. Well, ok…the first one. I never thought she’d send me so many pictures to scrapbook..but I am determined to get them all done!!! It has been a challenge to switch back to 8.5 x 11..but I am getting back into the swing of things. I think the next album I do for her will be landscape…I have a much easier time with that.
I have to say…going back to doing this album has been a nice break for me. I honestly think I was getting burned out on the whole submitting game. And I have come to realize that I cannot compete with all of the amazing talent out there. I think my design ideas and style are good, I really do. But my photo and scan quality is just not up to par. Sadly, I don’t have the money to go out and blow on a high end camera, so I cannot compete. Story of my life. Oh well…I will get there eventually!
Brian and I went out to dinner on saturday night. We had a really nice time!!! I do have to vent a little though. We wanted to go see a movie, so we went to the theater and promptly left!!! It was going to cost us $9.00 each just to get in to see the movie!!! Ok, I have to say…that is just a little more than silly. It really kinda pissed me off. Of course, true to form, my wonderful husband turned the evening around and made it memorable. We went and cruised the mall, something we rarely do. We went to bath and body works and tried some of the testers. Went to spencers and laughed our rear ends off at the products in there. Went to the cookie factory and split a peanut butter bar, people watched, and then hit the barnes and noble. That seems to be a new favorite place for us lately. It’s nice that I married a reader like myself. It’s nice that he can appreciate a good book!!! I ended up buying Dr. Phil’s ultimate guide to weight loss. So far it has been a very enlightening read!!! I now know why I over eat. I never really thought about why I did it. I always just thought it was because I liked food and was lazy! Turns out there are several underlying reasons, and it has been interesting to delve into that part of myself. It’s funny…I never really give myself a second thought…so it’s been enlightening.
So I have embarked on a new chapter in my life. It is time to get healthy. Hopefully I can maintain this excitement and get to my goal. It’s funny how your perception of things can change if you just look at it from a new perspective. I need to lose 50 pounds to be at my goal weight. I figured it out last night, and to be at goal by my birthday next year, I need to lose one pound a week….ONE pound a WEEK. That is so easy it’s almost embarrassing!!! And for the longest time I looked at my weight loss as this huge, daunting task. So, as silly as it sounds…I want to lose one pound a week. Think I can pull that off??? Me thinks I can!!!!
Wish me luck everyone!!!


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