getting over Christmas and finding old friends


Ahhhhhhh…can you hear it? that is the sound of relief that Christmas is OVER!!! When did that holiday become so stressful??? Yikes!!! We had a wonderful time though. The kids got waaaaay too many presents and we are now broke…but it was worth it to watch them open them up!!! Our tree is still up and there are still remnants of Christmas cookies hanging around in the kitchen..but other than that I have everything packed up until next year!!!
Now it’s on to new years and tax season…yippie.
I had the most interesting night last night. I was chatting with my friend Jaime and for fun we were doing searches for random things. (yeah…I know..silly..but when your bored!) so I decided to google some random names of old friends…and what did I find??? One of my very best and longest friends from back home!!! And even better than finding her?? she has an email address!!!! So I took the plunge and sent her an email…and she wrote me back this morning!!! It was sooooooooo good to hear from her and chat about old times. Makes me miss home a little. But I am determined not to lose touch with her again!! Say what ya will about the evil internet..but it was great to be able to find her with one little click of the mouse!!!
I can’t wait for this weekend….I’m going to go spend the gift certificates I got to my LSS!!! WoooooooHoooooooooo! New scrapping supplies!!! Maybe I’ll actually get some pages done! Well..I’m outta here for now. Have tons to do today. hooray. Have a great day everyone!!


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