wow…it’s thursday already??!!!


Where did the week go??? Seems like the days are just running by faster and faster these days….must be old age creeping up on me.
I am exhausted today. Ricky has been taking really late naps lately, and short of tossing his hiney in a snow bank, it’s hard to wake him up. Well, last night he did it again and stayed up till 2am. and I had to get up at 6:30 am to get the other two off to school…so I’m beat!!! On the bright side, Ricky woke up really early this morning, so hopefully his nap will be earlier today!!! Wish me luck!!!
I am still stressing over Christmas shopping…but I am getting to the point that they will either like what I get them, or they won’t…I don’t care. They should just be thankful I get them anything at all…with all the money I used buying Christmas presents, I could have bought that Nikon D50 I want!!! We are going to get our tree this weekend…I really can’t wait! It’s just not Christmas untill there is a half dead tree in my living room!!
The kids’ Christmas concerts were just adorable!!! I only wish I had been able to get better pictures. But for some reason, my family can never leave the house early enough to get good seats. And eventhough I did go up toward the front to snap a few, I got some severely dirty looks from the other (obviously scrapbookers) moms. So from now on…I’m leaving early enough to get a front row seat, weather my family is ready to go or not!!!
Well, I guess that’s about all I have to say about that (said in my best forrest gump voice) so I will close for now.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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