Tuesday ramblings


I know I havn’t posted here in a while…been sooooo busy getting ready for the holidays!! I sure do miss the stress free Christmas days of my youth. I swear, every year it feels more and more like a “job” to me. Go shopping..stress over picking out the perfect gift…get a tree, decorate it…wrap presents…chase kids away from said presents and tree. cook, bake, clean, and the whole darn time try to act like you are happy doing it! Yes, I do love Christmas…it just seems like this year there is a cloud hanging over it. I think part of it is I miss my family…it’s been two years since I’ve seen any of them…and I miss them. Another part of it is that the public in general has just become a bunch of rude, self-centered jerks and I swear…one more person says one more rude thing to me and I’m going to go postal on someone. I HATE rude people. I HATE rude drivers. and most of all…I HATE rude kids!!! I think next year I’m going to take the hubby and the kids and go camping for Christmas…read the bible by campfire light…eat smores till I’m sick….and listen for sleighbells while the snow falls around me.
But on to other subjects…
M’Kayla is doing much better. No more break outs so far. So I’m hopeful that whatever she was having a reaction to is gone. Tomorrow morning is her “winter program” (gag me…it’s a christmas program…I also hate PC people) and she will be singing…I can’t wait!!!! And yes..I have my camera batteried up and waiting!!!
Speaking of waiting…..
I have three applications in for three design teams right now and the waiting is KILLING me!!! I have done a few pages lately..and I’m feeling my groove come back (yeah..like I ever had a groove to begin with! HA!) and I am excited about getting back to “work”. I miss having monthly assignments. I miss the challenge! So…..if any of those DT people are reading this…to quote Meridith on Grey’s anatomy…”pick me, choose me, love me!”
Oh….Grey’s Anatomy…my new favoritest show in the world!!!! Brian and I are completely hooked!!! I can’t believe I won’t get another episode until after the new year…and E.R. too!!! How can Abby just announce she’s preggers to Luka like that and them leave me hanging!!! Hey….t.v. dudes!!! That’s not nice!!! Not having my favorite shows on this week is going to suck…I might have to *gasp* clean my house instead of watching!!! Oh the HORROR!!!
Speaking of cleaning house…I have some dishes yelling at me from the sink…so I guess I will take off for now.
and besides…I have at least six more hours of online shopping to do before bed. (grrrrrrrrr…darn presents and hard to buy for people!)
Merry Christmas to all..and to all a good night!


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