Steroids and Claritin


My poor, sweet little girl. She is just miserable! For some reason, a few days ago, she had an allergic reaction to something…have no clue what…and we have been struggling to keep her from swelling up ever since! I have been able to keep it at bay with Benadryl up until last night.
She had been out sledding and shortly after she came in, she broke out in hives from the top of her head to her toes! Then her face started swelling and she said “ mouth is swollen too” That got me scared. So we made a trip to the ER and they gave her some steroids to help with the swelling. This morning she woke up and was broken out again. I gave her more benadryl and sent her to school…but I decided that was not a good idea and went and picked her up. I managed to get her an appointment today as well and they gave her more steroids and prescribed claritin. I am a little disappointed…I really wish they would run some tests and find out what it is she is having a reaction to. We have not changed soaps or detergents lately, she has not eaten anything out of the ordinary. The only thing she has done that is unusual is go sledding. Surely there is no way she is “allergic” to snow…is there?
The E.R. doctor said that maybe there was some sort of chemical in the snow from de-icer..but I don’t buy that. We live in the sticks and where the kids are sledding is miles away from any road where de-icer is used.
Brian thinks it may be the tube she is sledding on…but I’m not sure about that either. All I know is my baby is not well…and I don’t know why…and that scares me. So, if you don’t mind, could you all say a little prayer for M’Kayla tonight? I am certain she will be ok…but this is no fun for any of us.


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