I just can’t get out of this rut!!!


I just don’t know what is wrong with me! I cannot seem to get motivated to be creative with my pages lately. It has taken me four days just to do this layout!!!! And it’s not even a very good one!!! I wonder if I miss having new things to work with every month. Maybe I need to do some scrap shopping. I just don’t know. I have applied to two design teams recently, so maybe something will come of that and get me movin again. I just have no urge to go into my scrap room right now.
On the bright side, isn’t this just the cutest picture of Jason??? He is such a little stinker! (can ya tell???) I can’t wait to get my USB cable so I can print off some of the recent pictures I have taken. Those will be fun to scrap!!!
On to other things….
I hate snow. We have about 5 inches on the ground right now and are looking at at least three more days of snowing this week. ICK. I’m going to find a way to create heated roads so the snow and ice will melt off. Safe driving for everyone!!! Yeeehhawwww!
It is really pretty though, I do love getting up in the morning and watching the sun come up over the snow covered trees..if only I didn’t have to drive in it!!!
I hurt my finger tonight. Pinched that sucker in the screen door. It’s all swollen and red…and yes, it’s hard to type LOL!!!
Oh well, I’ll live I suppose, it’s not like it’s an important finger….I can still tell all those wonderful spokane drivers that they are “number one!” :: snicker ::
I realized today that I need to start Christmas shopping. (funny how I JUST realized it) I have NO CLUE what to get my kids this year. When did kids become so hard to shop for??? I know what Clayton wants, but I am so sick of buying him video games. I need to come up with something else. Ugh…I dunno.
I’m going to head to target.com right now and cyber shop. Hope you all have a great night!!!


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  1. Christi.. YOU NUT.. I LOVE that page. The circle thing is totally cool! LOVE the I’ll be back..hehe

    I would ramble some more but I realized I can just email you and ramble in there. LOL TTYS *wink*

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