I have not posted here is so long!!! I swear….I think it’s been two weeks since I have even logged onto the internet!!! Wow…I think that might be a record for me.
So…some updates. I did manage to find a really nice dress for the banquet. Just a little black number…but nice all the same. Brian had the BEST time. It was so good to see him glowing like that. I am incredibly happy and proud of him. The only downer to the night was when our babysitter called to tell us that our pellet stove had gone out (think no heat) Brian spent two hours on the phone with her trying to help her get it started…but no dice. She eventually gave up and took the kids to her house for the night. We had a wonderful time, I got lots of pictures, we ate, danced and celebrated. Brian actually had a few drinks this year too…I was shocked!! After making sure to embarrass myself (I ran into some of Brian’s best friends family in the hallway of the hotel in my jammies LOL) We tucked into bed and watched some t.v. It was awesome. It’s been a long time since we’ve just sat and watched t.v. together. The next morning we went to breakfast with Brian’s oldest and dearest friend. It was so nice to sit and talk with him without all of his “gang” around. He has these “friends” who follow him everywhere…I don’t get it…I think he buys their beer LOL. But they make it really hard to just talk. Anyway..it was nice, and I know Brian and Andy had a good time.
Now on to turkey day!!! I was just miserable….of course I had to get sick two days before I host thanksgiving dinner. UGH…never fails. But I managed to get the house in order and cook one hell of a turkey!!! It was awesome…and I’m not trying to brag..but I can cook!! (obviously….look at the size of my rear) We had Brian’s family up here to the house and it was very nice to sit and visit with them all…and the best part…I got to change into jammies as soon as they left!
I ate way too much and have way too many leftovers…but it was great!!!
No black friday shopping for me, I curled up on the sofa with a good book and ignored the sales. How crazy is that stuff??? Why are retailers allowed to do that??? I understand that it draws people to shop..but come on…is drawing customers really worth seeing people being assaulted over a laptop??? Stupid. And shame on the people who participate, just silly to risk all of that for a few bucks.
I will most likely start my Christmas shopping monday…Brian and I go when the kids are in school and everyone is at work…makes it sooooooooooo much easier!!!!
It’s snowing tonight. Yep….it’s white out there. It is truly pretty and peaceful outside my window right now, but I just hate the thought of driving in it…and Brian has to go to Montana tomorrow morning…Ick.
Thank goodness it stopped and will likely be melted by noon tomorrow. However, I know it’s only a matter of time before it’s here to stay.
Ok…I’m off to go mattress shopping…I have GOT to get better sleep!!! Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!!


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