So depressing


Why is it clothing manufacturers can’t make nice looking things for the bigger gals??? We have a banquet this weekend to go to and I desperately want to look good. All I want is a little black dress with some strappy shoes. How hard is that??? Why is every little black dress in my size (16W for those of you who would like to point and snicker) ugly? Why do they all look like moomoo’s??? Now I will admit to being a big girl..but I’m not a big girl who has no shape…I have curves, actually a rather small waist compared to my hips and bust…I’d like to accentuate that. But no..they all look like horse blankets. It’s just so depressing. I know, I know…do something about it…lose weight…get in shape. That’s what your thinking right??? Well..your missing the point. Someone needs to recognize that there are SOME bigger women out there who are TRYING to lose the weight, but in the meantime need to look nice. Yeah..I’d love to be a size 3..but I’m not. I guess I am to be punished for not being small. I did manage to find a really cute dress at J.C. Penny online…how much you wanna bet they don’t have that one in the store???? Of course. Because my local pennys caters to the skinny crowd. Seriously. they have the women plus tucked back in a dark corner of the store…right across from the petite sizes…how is that even close to nice??? And the last time I went, they didn’t even have shoes in my size. I’m not kidding….I asked for three different pairs of shoes….they didn’t have any of those in my size. When I asked the sales lady (cute, perky, never had a kid heifer) just where I might find a shoe in my size she kinda gave me an eyeroll and pointed to the athletic and “old lady” shoes. (you know..the diabetic and nurse shoes???) I’m just so sad. I want to look nice…I want to knock Brian off his feet…just once I want him to look at me and be breathless. Oh well…guess I’ll strap on last years moomoo and head to the ball. ::sigh::


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