When one door closes…..


I guess that old saying is true. When one door closes, another one opens. Some of you might remember that I was in the contest at RMH for a design team position and was voted out a couple of rounds ago. I have been sort of bummed about it and have not really had any desire to scrap since. Well, tonight I got a phone call that really put the wind back in my sails!!!!
There is a very nice lady that I met on one of the scrapbooking boards that lives just north of me. We have spoken on the phone a few times and she is very nice! She is also a very talented scrapbooker!!! We have not had the chance to “meet” in person yet..but we really did hit it off on the phone!!! Well, she called me tonight and told me that she is opening her own “brick and morter” scrapbooking store in my little town!!! I couldn’t be happier that I will no longer have to drive all the way into spokane for my scrapbooking supplies!!! Then she asked me if I would be willing to help her out, designing and helping her come up with ideas for merchandise and sales events…and that she would PAY me to do it!!!
She also said that if I had anything I wanted to sell, that I could use her store to showcase it. And she is also going to suggest that a store she is currently on the design team for take a look at my work and consider me for their team!!!! I am just so totally stoked!!!! I don’t know if any of this will pan out. I know that scrapbooking stores often have trouble getting “off the ground”. But I do have a good feeling about it. If nothing else it has caused me to get excited about scrapbooking again!!! Wish me luck everyone!


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