it’s panic time!


Ah yes, that wonderful time of year when we all stress ourselves out to make sure everything is “perfect” for the holidays.
I’m feeling the pressure today.
It appears that the little thanksgiving dinner I wanted to cook for my five people has turned into a full-fledged feast for eleven. Gotta love it when the hubby spouts off about how much the wife wants to cook this year.
:: sigh :: I do love the man..but sometimes I wanna whap him a good one.
Anyway, his intentions are good. He is making sure the elders in the family are not alone for thanksgiving…that’s admirable. I can handle that. So…here I sit, looking at my house. Wow have I got some work to do. I’m hoping that soon I can graduate from sitting in lawn furniture at the kitchen table. It would be so nice to plop my rear in a nice, wooden chair to eat dinner. I’m sure my guests would appreciate it too. It’s taking every ounce of control I have not to RUN to rent a center and get new furniture for my house. Hmmm..wonder what their return policy is. (just kidding..I dont’ do that sort of thing!!!)
so here are the things I have decided MUST be done before I allow a person into my home for the holidays….
1. Slip cover the furniture. it’s functional, but the circa 1980 something sectional needs help…so I’m going to go all marth stewart and make my own slip covers. Wish me luck.
2. Paint. wow do the walls need painting. Can you say three year old handprints??
3. carpet shampoo. three kids, two dogs, two horses, greasy husband, need I say more??
4. New curtains….you simply can’t have new furniture and paint without new curtains. :.)
5. doors on the laundry room…I need somewhere to “hide” any last minute messes.
6. New dishes. It would be nice to have dishes that actually match and that do not have smiling cartoon cows peering up at you from the dish.
There’s nothing “festive” about that. I am soooooo over the cow thing. Moo.
7. New wall art. I’m also over the “21st century thrift store” look. It’s about time things actually coordinated around here.
8. New coffee and end tables. I just adore that endtable I got from dad’s mom when she passed away..and I’ll keep it forever. But it’s kinda wobbly and, well….it’s tired. Time for new tables.
Now…I have no idea if any of this will happen…but boy would it be nice if it did!!! I’d simply love to have a house I can feel proud of to invite people to for the holidays!!! Wish me luck!!!


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