All is right in his little world again…


There was a funny smell coming from under the sofa. I’ve been noticing it for a few days. I thought it might be some stray food product the little one might have discarded between the cushions. (don’t get all snooty..tell me your three year old has never taken that celery stick and hidden in between your sofa cushions!!! LIAR!!!) Anyway. That wasn’t it. So I flip the sofa over (can you say “she-ra”??? :: snicker ::) and discover that there must be a secret trap door on the sofa. there is an abundance of lost, missing, and purposely hidden objects under there!!!! Ok…I’ll admit that most of it is what I lovingly refer to as “trail mix”…you know, those stray pieces of popcorn and little pieces of candy that inevitably make it between the cushions…along with a few penny’s thrown in.
So I decide to cut the liner in half and clean that sucker out!! (don’t faint mom…I do clean now and then) So I’m cleaning and I look down and there it was….like a ray of light beaming up to me from the bowels of my couch….the gameboy advance I thought was forever lost somewhere in the wilds of yellowstone national park!!!!! Yes…it was there. I gingerly picked it up and dusted it off. I flipped it over..and sure enough..there were still batteries in it. I said a little prayer and flipped the switch and lo and behold!!! It’s ALIVE!!!! Wooooooooooohooooooo!!!! Hooray for me!!! You have to understand, most parents wouldn’t be so happy to find a missing video game. However….this little contraption gives me leverage. And what parent doesn’t need a little leverage now and then???
I thanked the sofa gods for keeping it safe all this time and put it right in plain sight. (ok…Brian played it for an hour then I put it in plain sight) and waited….I had to laugh a little when I saw Clay coming up the driveway. And would you believe he never even saw it??? Kinda busted my bubble. so I ended up pointing it out to him…along with some new rules about play time and homework finishing. (he was sooooo eager to agree…he was nearly drooling over that thing!!!) It was amazing how quiet it was in the house last night. Homework was done with no complaints or fights. Chores were done with no heavy sighs or eyerolls. I am truly in love with the genius at nintendo who created this little hand-held answer to a mother’s prayers. All is right with the world according to Clayton..and that makes everyone happy!!! (oh..and by the way..for all you nosey types who think I’m a horrible mom..he only played it for an hour last night…and that was after he did chores and homework…including reading a book…so pftttttttt!)


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