Whooooo are you…who who, who who…


Silly title huh??? Seemed fitting for this post. And it’s my altime favorite t.v. show theme song to watch my little one sing LOL!!! Ok….so today I come on my blog and get all happy when I see that I have a comment on my post from yesterday. So I go in to read it and it is a post from someone I don’t know..not that that bothers me, I understand that this is the internet and it’s not like this is a “private” place LOL!!! I get that.
However..it got me thinking…”hmmmm…I wonder who all reads this thing???” So..today I’m doing roll call. I wanna know, who are you that are reading my blog? I thought for sure that it was just a few friends and the female parental unit…but evidentally there are others out there! so…come on…leave a comment and let me know who is reading this!!!
(I’m nosey that way..just indulge me this once k?)


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  1. here
    me…a not so regular on the RMH website…it’s in your siggy.
    i don’t even know what username i go by there…i think maybe barbara, or crazyboutscrapin. whatever.
    good question…i’ll have to do this in my xanga blog.

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