It’s finally friday!!! Yippie!!! Wait, why am I so happy??? Oh yeah!! I don’t have to get up at 6:30 Am tomorrow!!!! YIPPIE!!!!
Today has been a rather dreary day for me. It’s rainy and icky. I actually saw the beginnings of white stuff (I wont’ type that word..it might happen!!) I am just not ready for winter. But I think I mentioned in an earlier post and won’t rehash it.
Clayton called from school today with a sore throat. Must be that time of year. And while I do think his throat was sore..I think mostly he just didn’t want to stay at school. I’ll let him get away with it just this once!!
Ricky was kind of a twerp today too. I am not sure if it’s just because the weather has been so gross or what..but he was just awful!!! I’m talking screaming in the parking lot and making people stare bad. UGH!!!
Oh..and can I just vent for a minute??? Who decided it was ok to charge $10.00 for a little wooden train?? We went in a toy store next to my LSS today (don’t ask me why…stupid stupid thing to do) and Ricky finds these thomas the tank engine wooden trains..kinda like the brio ones. Ten stinkin dollars for a wooden train. Highway robbery I tell ya!! Of course you know I’ll be back in there to get him the $40.00 starter set for Christmas…I’m such a sucker.
On a brighter note…I found my MOJO!!!! It’s about time it came back. I was starting to think I’d never scrap again!!!
My good friend Jaime got me jumpstarted today. (thanks girl!!) and I’ve actually sat in my scrap room all evening..well..cept for when I porked down that pizza. Wish I could loose my big rear end like I lost my mojo.
Ok…I’m gonna hit the hay now..this post makes no sense LOL!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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  1. I feel your pain with the trains. My son is 3 and he LOVES those Thomas the Tank Engine trains. We have tons of trains, tracks, books, movies, etc. But I suppose it could be worse. It gets expensive quickly and as a parent, I can’t just say “no more” because I like to play with them too! 🙂

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