In the blink of an eye…


There was another accident on 395 last night. That highway always makes me nervous….two lanes, 60 miles an hour (which NO ONE seems to know how to do)…it’s a recipe for disaster. And last night that disaster happened. A father was driving home with his five children…ages 12, 10, 8, 5, and 2. When someone crossed the median and hit them head on. I’m sure the guy was speeding. They say no alcohol was involved..but I have to wonder. In a split second, all five of those children were gone. An entire family..completely wiped out. Dad is in serious condition…mom is weeks away from delivering their 6th child…thank the Lord she was at home.
I cannot imagine what that poor woman is going through. I do know that she is a christian, and I can only hope and pray that she can find some comfort in that.
And then there is dad…he is alert and talking, so he must be going over the “what if’s” in his mind.
I am not sure why this story touched me so deeply, I don’t even know this family. I do know that I want to reach out to them. I want to comfort them. So if any of you are the praying type…please pray for this family. And please pray that the people “in charge” will see that this highway needs some attention. Sadly…I think these children’s lives will be the catalist for change on that stretch of highway. I certanily hope they did not die in vain. I know God will use them for his will…and in time we will see that will, but in the meantime…please pray for them.
Here is a link to the story if anyone is interested.

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