cursing on the news!!!


I couldn’t believe my ears. I was in complete and total shock. When I turned on my local news today, I heard the weather man utter a four letter word!!!! S-N-O-W!!!!!
I am simply apalled that the weather man would use such profanity on the air. I’m considering boycotting the station. Somehow I doubt that would do any good…I heard the other weathermen on other stations tossing the word around too.
So what is a girl to do in the face of a white thanksgiving??? I’m not sure…I’ve never had one before. Will this call for altering my fall decor?? I’ve never seen a thanksgiving centerpiece with snowmen in it. Hmmm…I do wonder what to do.
I do know that I hate this time of year. I am still a southern girl at heart. Snow is not one of the things I enjoy. Oh don’t get me wrong…it is beautiful, peaceful, fun, cleansing and all those other things. But it’s also cold and dangerous. The thought of venturing out in it is enough to cause me nausea and panic. I wonder if I suffer from “snow phobia”…could be.
All I know is that they are forecasting it for tomorrow…which means today I will be going into town and stocking up on things for the weekend. I REFUSE to drive on the first snowfall. People officially loose their minds when it snows the first time. They feel the need to see just how well that new SUV “sticks” to the road. No thanks…I know how well my van handles in the snow..just like it did last winter, nothing has changed. I’ll keep it parked safely in my driveway, undented with my family safe and warm in my house.
On a related note..I think my husband may have contracted this “snow insanity”….the other day he was talking about going skiing. I see no point in that. drive up a snowy moutain..and if you happen to be one of the lucky folks who don’t slide off the side of the road, you then strap boards to your feet and hold sharp, metal poles while you speed down said moutain…standing up. then if you happen to be lucky enough not to break a limb and make it down the “hill” (they call them hills…they are not hills…it’s a MOUTAIN!) you then stand and wait for an open seat to whack you in the arse so you can ride it back up the moutain. thanks…makes me feel faint just thinking about it. I think there are other “winter sports” to be enjoyed…that are much safer. Like baking!!! yeah..stick a cake or some cookies in the oven…much more exciting than skiing!! Or if you must be out in the snow…a good sled and the backyard hills is something of a thrill. I, of course, feel that trudging out to feed the horses in knee deep white stuff is adventure enough..and I get to do that twice a day…yippie…living on the edge huh??
So…will we get snow tomorrow?? I don’t know. I can only be prepaired. Today I will be inspecting snow pants and boots. Finding scarves and gloves. pricing tire chains (I’m NOT getting stuck again this year!) I hope the rest of you have a nice, quiet, snow free day. :.)


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  1. too funny christi!!! you didn’t update for a while..then THREE posts.. I almost fainted..LOL

    It’s hot here.. just thought I’d throw that out to ya!! *kisses*

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