Halloween fun!!


Oh what fun our halloween was!!!! I got the kiddies all dressed up in their costumes and headed into town for trick or treating!! Can you say candy overload??? We all had a great time though, and for once it wasn’t so cold that we needed parka’s to walk around!!!
But…can you believe…I didn’t get ANY pictures?!!! What kind of scrapbooker am I?? That is almost criminal.
M’Kayla was a princess….again. She looked too cute in her little barbie of swan lake dress and tiara.
Ricky was a mouse…simply adorable!!! Of course..he just HAD to have the dale Jr. helmet candy bucket…my little NASCAR mouse LOL. he was too funny…figured out that if, once he got his candy, he circled to the back of the line, he could get more! by the end of the night he could barely carry his bucket!!!
Clay was Yu-gi-oh. Brian got the costume for him…he thought he’d like it.
I think it would have been ok..but the costume was a little small. And I think that Clay has decided that halloween is a “baby” holiday. When did that happen?? When did he get too big for halloween??? Man they grow too fast. Sometimes it really makes me sad.
I’m sure next year he’ll still go..but I’m willing to bet the costume will be more “mature”. I’ll also bet it’ll be more gory. gheesh…boys. :: eyeroll ::
Now I am sitting here looking at the aftermath of the free candy holiday.
there are wrappers all over my desk. My butt is spreading as I type. Halloween is truly an evil holiday. It has launched an assault on my thighs. Somehow I must find the fortitude to battle this holiday that is halloween.
And next year…I must take pictures!!!!


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