Thank you God


Isn’t it funny how things work??? Last night, I was cleaning my room (don’t faint mom..I do that now) and I found some old pictures of my old truck I took for the insurance company when my ex wrecked it several years ago. I was looking at these pictures and it occured to me that it could have been a very bad accident. We came so close to going over that guard rail and rolling that truck. It made me shudder a little to think of what “might have been”. Then I remembered what my friend said to me when I told her I was mad at God..that I had prayed that he would keep us safe. She said “He did keep you safe…you are all uninjured and ok.” That has stuck with me all of these years and last night reminded me of how God does protect us.
Today, as if to drive home His point, God protected us again. Clayton called me at around 11:30 to ask me to bring his clarinet to the school..he forgot it this morning and needed it for band. So I got Ricky and myself ready and headed to the school. I dropped it off and decided I needed to go to the bank and the store. And because it was such a nice day, I decided to take the long route. I love looking at the colors during this fall season and it was a lovely day for a drive. So Ricky and I started out on the long road. Much to my surprise, and Ricky’s amusement, we were stopped at a railroad crossing by a passing train…it was a pretty long one so I shut off the van and we watched it go by. I was in no hurry…I could have turned around and found another way..but we wanted to watch the we did. After the train passed I made my way to highway 395 to head into spokane. After a few miles, I saw a police cruiser on the side of the road halfway in the slow lane, so I signaled to get into the fast lane and slowed down (I do this for all police…it’s only common courtesy) then I see that there are about 5 cars ahead of me coming to a stop. I couldn’t help wondering what was going on up ahead. What I saw as I was stopped there and flagged through by the police and paramedics was worse than anything I have ever seen before. There were about five cars involved in the accident. One car, a four door buick, was nearly bent in half from the inpact on the passenger side. One truck’s nose was completely caved in, and another car was unrecognizable. I couldn’t bring myself to look into the cars…I didn’t want to see. (yes..I was going through it slow enough that I could see peoples faces) When I finally got through it and was able to get going again…my first reaction was anger. I really want to know what is so damned important that people can’t wait for traffic to clear to pull out. Why are we in such a hurry to get where we are going that we will risk our lives and the lives of our children to get there??? WHY???? it is so senseless.
Then after pondering what I had seen for a few minutes…it hit me square in the face that had I not been stopped by that train…that would have been ME that got hit. I would have been at that precise place when that accident happened. That would have been my child strapped to that stretcher. That would have been my families lives changed forever in less than a nanosecond. I am so thankful today that God protected me. I know it was his guiding hand that kept me from taking the short route…I know he was the one who said “today is not your day” and kept us out of harms way. I cannot convey how thankful I am for that. And I feel the need to tell all of you….slow down. Take your time. The place you are going to will still be there if you are five minutes late. And your lives are worth so much more than being on time. May God bless you all.


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