This is just not fair!!!


I did my twelve years…will someone please tell me why, at almost 30, I am having to do homework again???? I don’t get it. I mean…I don’t mind helping them, but the amount of stuff they have to do is just silly. For example..M’Kayla is in kindergarten. I have to read to her everynight (no biggie..I do that anyway) but then I have to “discuss” the story, try to get her to tell me what the characters are doing in relation to each other (try doing that when ya read “hop on pop”) and then she has to write or draw about the story in her folder….EVERY night. Oh…then she has to practice her “sight words” every night too. And don’t even get me started on Clayton’s work.
Then there are the school athletics. Today M’Kayla got a flyer for basketball in our area. Both kids are eligible so I think “great!!! a good winter sport in our area to keep them active this winter” But wait…there’s a catch. I have to pay $45.00 per kid for them to play…they get T-shirts. Is it just me or does that seem a little high??? That’s on top of the $25.00 a month for Clay’s clarinet, $100.00 a year for soccer..and M’Kayla wants to take karate or dance. What ever happened to “volunteers”??? Just exactly what is my $45.00 (actuall..for both kids that would be $90.00) paying for??? I may call and ask.
Gosh…kids are expensive!!!!
We had a very busy weekend this week!!! We replaced the roof on the well house and did some basic maintenance on the house for the winter. Brian had the whole weekend off and it was great to spend time with him. We actually sat together on the couch last night and watched T.V. and it was lovely!!!! It looks like he will start having his weekends off so we will get to do that more often!!! Hooray!!!
I havn’t been scrapping much lately. I just dont’ seem to have any ambition to do it right now. Is that bad??? Does anyone else have this happen??? I guess I just dont’ feel like I have a place to go to anymore. I feel ignored on one of the MB’s I used to frequent. I’m not sure if that is my fault for not “Jumping in” or if it’s because some people have a poor opinion of me…but I just don’t feel welcomed there anymore. And some of the other boards I frequent are just too big…it’s hard to get to know anyone when the threads move at lightening speed. Anyway…I’m not whining about it. I Just think it’s time for me to step back from scrapping for a bit. Hopefully I’ll get my “groove” back soon LOL!!!! For now..I’ll just lurk.
Well..that’s it for now. Hope everyone is having a great week!!!


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