They say the darndest things!!!


My little girl has had me in stitches for the past two days. Where do they come up with some of the things they say????
Last week, I bought a quart of egg nog for Brian…he loves the stuff…and evidentally the kids do too because they drank it all before he even got any!!! While sitting at the dinner table, M’Kayla announces that she is sorry that she drank it and she is going to go to the store and get daddy some more “hedge hog”. I think I actually choked on my dinner I was laughing so hard!!!
Then this morning she saw this new hurricane that is headed for Florida. While we were talking about how the people there really need this thing to turn away from them, she says “Mommy…I am going to pray that the “hurmakane” will stay away.” I just adore her innocence. I love how she just speaks her mind without worrying that her honesty might hurt someone’s feelings…it’s kind of refreshing.
Of course..some of the things she says really bother me. This morning while getting ready for school, she told me that she needs to “loose weight” because her “belly sticks out”. It makes me angry that she is already thinking of herself in a negative light. That she is already dissatisfied with her body. She is just a baby. And she is beautiful. I told her that, I hope she remembers. No matter what, being her mom and watching her grow is an adventure!!!!


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  1. wow christi.. that’s a great shot of her too!!!

    I know. I’m amazed daily by something they say… most of the time I’m backtracking..trying to figure out WHERE they picked something up..hehehe

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