Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!


yep…it’s sunday. All day long. Nothing exciting going on today. Although I do have to ponder…why do people feel the need to invite themselves to your house??? My neighbors…whom I adore (most of the time..regardless of their quirkiness) have decided they are coming over for dinner tonight. I try to be a gracious hostess..however the husband is a vegetarian…I planned ham for dinner tonight. Had I known they were coming, I would have adjusted the menu accordingly. I guess to accomidate the hubby…the wife will bring vegetarian pizza. Hmmm..guess I need to move the ham over to make room in the oven. Super nice people..but kinda pushy. Oh well…we shall survive, and at worst, have a plesant evening visiting with friends who don’t judge me if there are toys all over the floor.
Which brings me to another topic. Why do people feel the need to judge others based on how they live??? I have a messy house. I will freely admit it. Often you have to step over toys. Often there are dishes in the sink in need of washing. Often there are scraps of patterned paper strewn throughout the house. Often there is toothpaste on the bathroom mirror. How does this make me a bad person??? A friend recently described my house as “lived in”. (she meant nothing by the comment..I asked for her honest opinion of my living conditions) Um….am I wrong in assuming that “living” is what you do in a house??? Or am I mistaken??? Is it all about how “perfect” you can keep your house?? Are children never to make “sheet forts” and leave them up for days?? Are husbands never to come in from the shop, hug you with greasy, hard working arms and sit to have coffee with you before changing his clothes?? Are wives never to have “lazy” days and just not vaccum or dust?? I had no idea that the measure of success in life is how close you come to mirroring Martha Stewart. I guess I am a failure. I for one will be LIVING. I am not going to try to keep up with the joneses…who cares what the joneses are doing. And I’d be willing to bet that the “joneses” are in debt up to thier eyeballs, in therapy, ( or need to be) and have no idea who the people who live in their house are.
I guess I’m a little bitter. Because I choose to live in the country, lead a simple life, not spend my days scheming how to finance that expensive television while not taking away from the money I simply MUST spend getting my nails done or my hair highlighted, I am somehow less. I am somehow beneath everyone who “has”.
I have no problem with my life. I happen to like where I live. I happen to be happy with my life. I’m not beneath anyone. Vent over….we now return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday ramblings.
The round 2 layouts are posted at RMH…I am super nervous this round. The talent is amazing..and I’m just not certain that my layouts are up to par this round. I would love to be on that DT…but they are only choosing two..and I’m doubtful that I’ll be one of them. I am incredibly happy with one of my layouts this time. but I have mentioned that before and will refrain from boring you with further beatings of said dead horse LOL!!!
I miss my mom (did I mention this post is just random thoughts?? LOL) I really want to see her. I miss going shopping together. Hell…I’d settle for sitting and having a cup of coffee with her. She has always been my best friend…always will be. And I miss her. Mom…come visit please?? I miss you. (wow..that random thought made me sad…guess I need to cut that out!)
Today I hope to get some things done around here. Brian is off today and I think we will spend the day trying to fix some things that need attention..time to get out my hammer and strap on Ricky’s “bob the builder” tool belt!! Hope everyone has a blessed sunday!!!

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