Had a chat with my doctor today


I went for my follow up appointment today with the doctor. She seems to think that I am depressed. I guess I can agree with that. She decided to try some antidepressants and see if they help at all…so I guess we shall see!!! Ugh…yanno what’s really depressing??? My life is starting to mirror “desperate housewives” LOL!!!! I’m not the kind of person to take medicine just whenever…but I have to say…if it can help me get my life back on track..then I’ll do it!
I know it will take some time for the meds to work…if they work at all. But I’m excited that I now know what the problem is and have a course of treatment to follow. I do worry about the stigma that goes with depression and antidepressants. I worry that people are going to think I’m “nuts” or cant’ handle daily life without drugs. That’s not the case at all. I WANT to be in control of my emotions. I really, truly do. I can only hope this works and no one will judge me because of it.
On a lighter note…I went shopping today and got the paint for M’Kayla’s room. I can’t wait to get started on it!!! I found her bedding at wal-mart and put it on lay-away. I got a cute little “buttercup” yellow to paint her room with…and I’m going to put pink gingham curtains up. I also want to alter some wood letters and spell her name on her wall. Along with an altered lampshade and some other things I saw today. I found some really cute raw wood flower hooks I think I will paint to match. and I’m going to try to hit some antique shops to find her a new dresser and a bedside table to match. Then to find shelves and a window bench and she will be set up with a cute little girl room!!!!
I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with the boys’ room. Their theme is NASCAR and the colors are just so rich, I’m not sure what color to paint the room. (landlady said no “hard to paint over” colors) Any ideas ladies??? I’m sure some of you creative types can think of something!!!!
I think after I get M’Kayla’s room done…I’m going to work on the living room/dining room/kitchen. I’m tired of having a mixture of things that don’t connect…I want a theme!!! I also want to find a way to display some of the better pictures I have of the kids. Guess I need to get to searching for ideas!!!
Well…I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend..it’s late here and I’m headed to bed! Night all!!!


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