It came!!! It came!!!!


It was with great puzzlement I peered out my window and stared blankly at the UPS truck in my driveway…I hadn’t ordered anything. I wasn’t expecting any gifts. Why was brown in my driveway?? Did they actually hear me when I said I wanted to “race the truck”????
I went out onto the porch to keep the delivery man from waking Brian…and he hands me a box and says “thank you” and walks away. keys, I guess I’m not racing the truck after all. bummer.
Then I looked down in my hands…a simple white box. But up in one corner was a mailing label with the words “memory Makers” written on it. Could it be??? Was I really holding the layout I sent in to be published in their “all men” book??? The questions started swirling in my head. “what if they didn’t use it..what if it’s just the layout???” “what if I dreamed the whole thing???” I ran in the house and started opening the box. Cut my finger on the tape and realized that a knife might be helpful. So I opened the box and out tumbled not only my layout (extremely well packaged I might add!!) but a copy of the book too!!! I frantically searched for my layout..surely it’s way in the back, thumbnail sized. Nope…right up front with certain elements pointed out!!!!! OMG I almost fainted!!!!! Really..I’m sitting here about to wet myself LOL!!! There is so much talent in this book…I am completely unworthy of being included..but this is soooooooooooooo awesome for me!!! My very first publication!!!! I can’t wait till Brian wakes up…I can’t wait to show him!!! you all must now go buy the new Memory Makers “all men” scrapbook pages book!!! LOL!!! YAAAY for me!!!!

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