I hate you Oprah.


It never fails…every time I start to feel sorry for myself, Miss Oprah just has to have a show that reminds me how fortunate I really am!!! On today’s show she was talking about the “unseen” poverty in America. All day long I have been sitting here thinking “if only I had this, I’d be happy…if only I had that, life would be grand.” I can’t believe how ungrateful I am!!! I have a house..not a great house…and I don’t own it..but I have a house with running water, heat and electricity. I have a car, not a new car…but a 98 windstar that my husband worked for MONTHS behind the scenes to give me for christmas last year. I have food to eat…not a lot (it’s two days till payday LOL..always slim pickins right about now LOL) but I have food to eat, I have ways to feed my children three square meals a day. I have access to medical care and dental care…some people don’t. So I now know that I NEED to stop throwing my pity party and be thankful for what I have!!! That’s not to say that I’ll ever stop dreaming of finding my way to a better life for my family…but I want to remind myself of all the wonderful blessings I HAVE already!!!
My life…I wake up every morning and am able to breathe. For that I am thankful!
My husband…he’s not perfect, but he loves me and our children. And he gives us his all each and every day. He is a good man..and good men are few and far between these days. For him I am thankful!
My children…they are beautiful, healthy, full of life and loving. They are growing into wonderful people despite my shortcomings as a mother. For them, I am thankful.
My home…it isn’t “fancy”, just a double wide trailer on some acreage. And I don’t even own it, but it is “home” for me and my family. It is our safe place to go and just be ourselves..and for that I am thankful.
My van….it was a gift. It was everything I asked for and more. It was proof to me that my husband loves me and will do whatever it takes to provide for me and the kids. It was the greatest surprise I have ever gotten. It is reliable. It is a pleasure to drive, and it gets great gas mileage!!! For this, I am thankful!
My health….while it has been in question lately, I know that I am well enough to get up every day and participate in my life. And for that I am thankful!
My family…they love me no matter what I have done to disappoint them. They accept me no matter what. They are my foundation. They are where I came from. For them, I am thankful!!!
My God….he is the whole reason I am here, he is the reason I have life, and he is the reason I will continue to live in heaven when my work here is done. He paid the ultimate price for me. He is my strength. He is my hope. He is my everything. For HIM, I am beyond thankful.
What are you thankful for???


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