It’s a GOOD day!!!


I am sooooooo stinkin happy!!! Mark Martin won at Kansas motor speedway today!!!! YAAAAY MARK!!!! It’s so funny…I’m sure I looked like an idiot jumping and cheering in my living room, but I don’t care!!! It’s about time the viagara ford “rose to the occasion” HAHAHAHA!!! (sorry..couldn’t resist..I’ve wanted to say that since they started sponsoring him!) And now I’m sitting here watching the Dallas Cowboys kick butt too!!! Today is a good day in my little sports world!!!
I think the rest of the day will be good too. Brian is off and the kiddies are following him around’s actually quiet in here!!! I have spent the day doing laundry and lurking around on the internet at all of my favorite scrappin sites. I may even sit down and do some scrapping tonight, although right now nothing is inspiring me. bummer.
Or maybe I’ll kick back with a cup of coffee and a good book. Brian and I had a “date night” on friday. He took me to T.G.I Friday’s for dinner (my choice!) and then we went to barnes and noble and got a starbucks and just cruised around looking at books. It was so nice!!! I NEVER get to go to barnes and noble..there is just no way to do that with kids in tow LOL!!!! I picked up a true crime book about forensics…I just love that interesting!!!! And I also got a murder/mystery book too. I found tons of books on photography and I think I may make a trip to the library to check some of those out..then I can quit bugging my buddy Jaime to teach me about shutter speed and camera settings! Anyway, we had a fantastic time, then went and rented some movies and got the kiddies and came home. I rented and watched “Monster-in-law” OH my goodness what a funny movie!!!! Made me glad that I A.) didn’t have a wedding and B.) actually like my mother-in-law!!!! We also rented “The longest yard” Gotta love adam sandler…any of his movies are good by me!!! What a funny guy!!!
Well…I guess I’ll close for today…Brian is going to mow the yard (yeah, I’m still picking myself up off the floor..he must want something) and I want to get the dishes done and work on some pages. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!


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  1. EVERYone loves Adam silly…LOL

    I’m glad you two got out and did something together! Isn’t it fun “dating”..hehe I’ll be seeing you around.. just wanted to stop in!

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