Thyroid what????


I had a very interesting day at the doctors office today!! I have not felt “right” since I had Ricky. It’s hard to explain…but I just have not felt well. I’ve been depressed, overeating, had panic attacks and just generally not felt well. So finally, at the insistance of my husband, mom, and good online buddy, I decided to go see the doc. Well…I told her what was going on..and how I hated to admit it (because I’m a total control freak) but I just felt like I could not control my emotions and feelings anymore. Well…the doc tells me she suspects that I am having thyroid issues (I give her a very confused look…what the heck is a thyroid??? yeah..forgot my nurse training already) So she decides to take blood and I have to go back next monday to find out why I’m so darn weird. In a way, if that is what is will be a huge relief. I so badly want to feel like myself again…I want my control back. I’m tired of feeling so much pressure and overwhelmed just by day to day life. I’m tired of the mood swings, and I’m tired of feeling helpless. I want to be me again. Say a little prayer for me ladies!!!!

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