Sunday thoughts


Uhoh…I’ve been challenged!!! I was lurking on the pub at 2P’s today and someone posted a blog challenge!! Well, I can’t pass up a good challenge…so here it is. Sunday….what do I love about sunday???
1. I love how a peaceful calm seems to come over me, knowing that this is the Lord’s day…it just comforts me.
2. It’s race day!!! It’s always nice to sit as a family and watch the race. It’s not so much the races I enjoy…I just love being a family, spending time with one another.
3. Church. When I go (which I NEED to do more often!!) It is such an uplifting experience. God never fails to deliver a message to me through our pastor. I love the way He knows just what I need to hear at that exact moment. It’s proof to me that the Lord IS working in my life. And it truly humbles me.
4. Sunday dinner!!!! It’s usually some sort of comfort food. Today it’ll be chili!!!! I love making a big, sit down dinner for my family. All too often, day to day life makes it hard for our family to enjoy a meal together. And I love that we have this one day a week when we can sit over a warm meal and just get to know each other over again.
5. Today…this particualr sunday…I am thoroughly enjoying the weather! It is a beautiful fall day and I’ve spent my morning peering out my window, taking in the beauty of the changing season. It just makes me so thankful to be alive. And I don’t know why…but it reminds me how blessed I have been in my life.
That’s what I love about sundays!!!!


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  1. I love it when Sundays are beautiful weatherwise too. Sometimes it seems like the sun shines a little brighter on the Lord’s Day.

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