Movin on up!!!


I somehow have managed to move on to the next round at the DT contest!!! How??? I have no earthly idea!!! Those ladies are so monumentally talented….I am just wonderstruck that I made it again!!! I have to feels good. I’m not usually the kind of person who thinks their work is “amazing” or anything..but I am pretty proud of those last two layouts I did..and it’s nice to be complimented on your work! Good luck to all of the ladies who are still in the running!!! Everyone did AMAZING work last round!!!!
The next round’s assignment was rather daunting at first…but as soon as I gave it some thought..the ideas flooded in!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow..I’m going to try to pick up some things I need to get started on the assigned layout. It’s funny…I have no problem with the assigned ones…it’s the freestyle I struggle with!!! Wish me luck!!!!

Ok…is it just Washington or is it fall everywhere??? It’s getting cold and the horses are getting fuzzy. I had to go get feed and hay today…havn’t had to buy any all summer!! However…I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying watching the trees change color. It is just such an amazing display of God’s work. And it’s right in my front yard!!! I am loving that chill in the air, sweatshirts, rosey cheeks, pumpkins being harvested….it’s just completely my favorite time of year!!!!

Soooooo…I’m on the fence…I want some input here..I’m thinking about entering the CK HOF (mom, that’s creating keepsakes hall of fame) but I’m not really sure…what are all of your opinions??? Have any of you entered before??? Are the assignments hard?? And then of course..the big you think I have a chance in hell of them even looking at my work??? LOL!!!! Lemme know what you think!!!!

We got some sad news yesterday…Brian’s great uncle passed away. I did not personally know him, but Brian’s dad and uncle are going to be pall bearers at the funeral tomorrow, and Brian is planning to attend. If any of you are the prayin type…you might say a little prayer for them. He was old and in poor health..but it is never easy to lose a loved one.
Ok…I’m off to try to quiet my little NASCAR freak who is having a rather LOUD race on the coffee table…and his brother and sister are sleeping!!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!


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  1. Well to me entering CK HOF (which I have never done before but am considering it as well) isn’t about them looking at my work (don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to win!) but to challenge myself to kick things up a notch, think outside of the box and feel good about accomplishing a goal I have had. I say go for it!!! 🙂 Congrats again on moving on to the next round at RMH!

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