wow…too much drama


I am really sad today. Some people I consider dear friends have had a discussion that did not turn out well. It always saddens me when people can’t see through their side to what the other person is saying. I have to wonder if it is this way on every design team. I mean, I realize that people are different….and any time you get more than two or three women in a room there will be friction. But I have to wonder why it has to resort to hurt feelings and ended friendships. It just seems so unnecessary to me. To my friends: I am sorry if anything I said upset anyone…but I wanted to be honest with all of you. To the members: I am sorry you were dragged into any of it…it was very poorly handled.
I try, when on a DT, to do the job at hand…to not get caught up in personal business. Evidentally this didn’t happen this time. It is unfortunate that not-so-nice things have been said and that people have felt the need to twist things to make them fit their cause. I do hope that if anyone has any question for me that they direct it at me. Please don’t just assume that what you see written or posted is fact. I have tried to steer clear of the whole thing and maintain my friendships by not “choosing sides”. And I hate that I was forced into the position of having to do that. But when you ask me for honesty..that is what you are going to get. And if you feel the need to see the honesty that you asked for as a personal attack..well, seems you have a problem. If you don’t wanna know…don’t ask.
I am going to move on now. I have some other things on the horizon that I want very much to be a part of and I see no need to let this bring me down. ( I wonder if that makes me “all about me”???) I wish all of my friends and I guess “used to be friends” the very best. I have no hard feelings toward anyone and you all know what my yahoo ID me anytime.


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  1. Christi, sorry to hear this happened, whatever it is. 😦 {{HUGS}} Been there done that, and I know EXACTLY how you feel. If you ever need to talk email me ok? (Or pm me at one of the sites you know I am at.) 🙂

  2. thanks Deanna!!!! it is hard to deal with..but sometimes you just have to stand up for what you know is right..even if it means hurting someone’s feelings and I feel like that is what I did. Sad though that it has to go that way :.(

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