Is it just me? Or does life seem to go in cycles. It’s like I’ll have a few months where everything is going great and then all of a sudden the bottom falls out. And it seems it can turn on a dime. Yesterday was lovely, everyone was happy and getting along and today, within hours of being woke up by screaming kids at 7am, I’m sitting here with a splitting headache, heavy eyes, and a heavy heart. Some days I just get so sick of it all. I get so tired of living in a house that is falling apart and not being able to do a thing about it. I’m tired of everything always being so chaotic and of never being able to get anything done around here. You cannot begin to imagine how much laundry I have to do…yet I did 4 loads yesterday. I get tired of my husband being moody. I know he works weird hours, but some days I could just choke him. ( is one of those days) I guess I am mostly just tired. I’m depressed. I’m irratible, and a really bad speller. I just wish bedtime would get here already so I can close my eyes and forget about it for just a little while. Every have days like that???


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