that’s done..what’s next?


Well I finally finished my two entries for the first round at RMH. Feels good to be done. I agonized over them for a week and finally sent them in today. I can only hope they are good enough to get me to the next round, but if not…I can honestly say I think I got two great layouts out of the deal!!! Now I just have to finish up a circle journal and then I’m taking a break from scrappin. I just have this huge block and I think it’s time to sit back and relax for a few days. And my scrap room is a pit right now…paper everywhere, pictures everywhere, embellishments and ribbon stuck to the spray adhesive on the floor. Who knew being creative was so messy??? So I think that once I finish with that one lingering circle journal I am going to clean it up and stay out of there for a day or two.
I just feel icky today. I am tired and sore and tired and grumpy. Oh well..such is life I guess.
I do have to say that I rather enjoyed my morning visit to the porch. The colors are starting to change and there is a crispness in the air. I just love fall up here in WA. It is just a BEAUTIFUL time of year. Time to get some new portraits of the kiddies too. It just seems like pictures come out better in the fall..I dont’ know if it’s the lighting or just the time of year itself…but I love fall shots!!!
I can’t wait to go to greenbluff this year and pick apples and pumpkins. And this year..we ARE doing the hay ride…I want some hay ride pics to scrap!!!
The kids have a half day at school today, so I think I am going to go try to rest a bit before they get home…my tummy hurts. Did I mention I’m tired???


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