Ok…so I was wrong.


I was wrong…I’ll admit it. I decided I really needed to move my butt if this weight watchers thing was going to work. But all of my VCR’s are broken (can you believe we have four of the stupid things??) so I can’t use my vast collection of Richard Simmons tapes. (bummer..the little fruit really gets me moving) So I decided to strike out on a search for a new favorite workout DVD. I had heard a lot of good things about the walk away the pounds workouts. So when I saw one sitting there amongst the pilates, yoga and tae bo cases…I knew that was the one that was going home with me. I had a little experience with this workout…which means that I’ve watched one of the tapes before while sitting on the couch stuffing my face with pizza. Around the food in my mouth I managed to squeak out “hey…this looks easy…I can do this” So when I screened my new DVD….”Leslie Sansone Walk away the pounds Power mile” on monday…I knew I could do it. Which brings us to yesterday….
I decided that tuesday would be the beginning of my earning of “AP’s” (activity points for you non-WW gals) I stuck the DVD in the playstation and started stretching while the intro rolled. Soon enough I was walking away the pounds and barely breaking a sweat. It felt good to move…get my heart rate up. I finished the workout and thought to myself…”Self, that was easy. Maybe you need something more challenging” Which brings us to this morning. YOWZERS. I did not know that walking in place could wreak such havoc on ones back muscles. I have not been this sore since popping out an 8 pound baby. My abs hurt, and my back is soooooooooo tender. Who knew simply walking could work those muscle groups!!!! So, my apologies to Leslie…girl..your workout is fab. And because it is so effective, I doubt I’ll be doing it today. It doesn’t happen very often..but I’ll admit it…I was wrong.


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