Almost three


I cannot believe he is going to be three on friday. My little baby boy is going to be three. Where does the time go?? He is such an answer to prayer, and yet it seems like I have rarely taken the time to see him grow.
How did that happen???
I clearly remember every little detail from the day he was born. I remember waking Brian up with a “it’s time”…and I remember him rolling over and going back to sleep. LOL!!! I remember the way he drove like a maniac to get me to the hospital, eventhough I told him time and again to take his time. I remember the pain of laboring. I remember how Brian and I passed the time waiting for Ricky by watching “8 seconds”.
I remember how easy the birth was. And I remember the first time I saw his sweet little face. My little angel, so quiet lying there. He never really was one to cry much. He has always had a calm about him that just dumbfounds me. Almost like he has it all figured out already.
Where did three years go? Why do I distinctly remember this beautiful, tiny baby when standing before me is a nearly three year old, covered in dirt and sticky things, facinated with race cars and bugs little boy??? I wish I could slow the clock. I wish he could stay little for just a while longer. I guess for now I should just revel in the fact that he still wants to give me “sugars” and cuddle with me at night. He still sucks his thumb and makes that little “suckie face” when he’s finally asleep and his thumb falls out of his mouth. He still runs to me when he has an “owie” for me to “kiss it” better. He still won’t fall asleep without his little hand on my face. I guess I just need to hang on to these things for now. Cherish them. Cherish him, because someday three will turn into thirteen…and I don’t want to miss what’s inbetween.


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