What today has in store


Wow…I just re-read my post from yesterday. That was bad. Sorry about that!!!
Well I wonder what today has in store for me. We had a family B-B-Q at Amy’s house yesterday and we had a BALL!! It was so much fun, and I got some great pics…which I still can’t upload because I have discovered that I have to get a Fuji USB cable for my camera…not just any one will do. Thanks Fuji…way to make things easy on a girl. Pftttt. So that is one of my missions for today…hunt down and price a new USB cable for my camera. Anyway…had a blast yesterday but ended the day with a huge migrane. UGH..it was torture just to keep my eyes open. But I made it through and it’s pretty much gone this morning.
So I wonder what today has in store for me. The kids are safely off to school. M’Kayla has her “M” thing..that was their homework..bring something to school that starts with “M”. I tried to convince her that she could bring herself…that didn’t fly. So she ended up taking her play milk carton. Would you believe that with all the toys these kids have there was not a monkey or moose to be found??? And it’s amazing to discover just how many things DON’T start with “M”.
I’m waiting to hear from EK success as to weather or not I made the finals for thier NASCAR contest. I’m not optimistic…watch me miss the call. Oh well I guess. I can then submit that layout!! LOL
Well…this is nothing but mindless rambling..so I will quit boring you.


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