Ok….so normally I try to be well spoken and eloquent with my posts here. But this is not going to be one of those….I am PISSED. So mommies, cover those kiddies eyes, and those of you who are easily offended…go away.
Last night was the end of the year season championships for the hobby stock drivers at state line speedway. It’s the class my husband, brother-in-law, and several friends race in. This has been an awesome year for these guys. We have had a year of door to door racing without ANY major incidents. Yeah…there have been wrecks and tempers have flaired…but as they say in Days of thunder…”rubbin’s racin”…it happens. All in all it has been an awesome year. So last night, the last race of the year, double points to be awarded and a close race between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It was shaping up to be a great night of racing!!!! Until they came out for the trophy dash…I could not believe my eyes. There is this pair of jackasses…no other word to describe them that I would use here…they are big daddy Akers and his little “baby” boy. They have a car…the damned thing ought to be running in the street stocks but the little punk doesn’t have the balls to run with the big boys…chicken @#$&. So he comes out last year at mid season (double points) and the last race (double points) and completely throws the points standings off for the guys that have been there EVERY week racing their guts out. Ok…so this year the little freak shows up for mid season again (double points) His car is illegal and the other hobby guys called him on it…they got him the parts to make it legal (these are the kind of guys we race with…awesome group of guys!!!) and he goes out and “races”…well, what he calls racing..if there is someone in front of you..dump em or beat the hell outta their car…that’s how he “races”.
He ends up totaling his car because he tries to drive through a wreck (dumbass..could have killed someone) and gets pissed off and leaves. (boohoo..poor baby :: eyeroll :: ) And the OFFICIALS tell him that if he only shows up for the end of the year race this year that they will not let him race. Which brings us to last night ( Ok..I’ll give him credit..he did come for I think two other races this year..whooptie freakin doo) The jackass and his dad show up. The officials let him race (which I imagine I will have a little chat with them about at the banquet..they have a pissed off redneck woman to deal with now) So…the guys come out for the trophy dash…Akers, Brian, Rob (My BIL) and Craig Felix (the points leader) and right out of the shoot the little @$*& starts hammering on Brian and Rob. We are talking BLATENT hitting. (I also intend to have a little chat with the flag man…I wanna know how much he paid him to sit on his black flag) So by the end of the race…there were some torn up cars (Craig won…good driving craig!!!)
Then they come out for the heat race…at this point I am shaking I am so furious. During the heat race he succeeds in ripping the door off of Rob’s car. I just cannot believe the flag man didn’t see what was going on…the whole crowd was screaming “black flag him!!!” Then the main…Not only does he continue to beat the hell out of Brian and Rob..he nearly flips his own car in the process (oh how sweet that would have been!!!) So…the night ends with Rob’s car nearly totaled…and Brian FUMING…not good. Brian is a big, sweet guy..till you piss him off.
Then these idiots decide they need to come down to where the boys are pitted. They evidentally came down there to say “good racing”…I’m not sure in what world that is good racing..and my little loud mouth brother in law called them on it (love ya rob!!!) So the punk ass kid stands behind his “daddy” and starts talkin smack. It’s a damned good thing I wasn’t in the pits last night…he woulda found out what it was like to get his ass kicked by a fat southern girl. The little rat bastard.
So…now that I have that out of my system LOL…I can honestly say that I hope and pray that he doesn’t show up next year. He’s liable to get his ass kicked…and not in a good way. Furthermore….Akers…they have a class for you, it’s called bump to pass…go there and have a ball!!!!
Ugh….I am sooooooooooooo glad racing season is OVER!!!!!!!


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