Missed oportunity


We have a rule in this house. When I do laundry…whatever I find in the pockets is mine. Brian changed at the race track last week, and he didn’t bring in his jeans from the truck…yep..they sat there all week. Well..I knew they were there. and yes,I should have gone and gotten them and washed them for him. Especially since he only has two pair. But I was lazy and just washed the same pair every day. Today Brian goes out to the truck before he leaves for work…brings in his jeans…and like the good boy I’ve trained him to be he empties his pockets before he throws the jeans in the hamper. He comes out of the laundry room with the BIGGEST grin on his face and is flashing a WAD of cash he had forgotten he left in his pocket….like over $40.00 worth!!!!! OH I was soooooooooooo mad at myself for not going out and getting those jeans!!!! That’ll teach me to be lazy huh. Imagine the scrappin supplies I could buy with that!!!! But now it’s back in his other pocket and on it’s way to Montana with him. Serves me right I guess. Bummer. LOL!!!!!


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