I think I finally got past the block


I sat down and actually scrapped last night. Granted it was only one page, but it is done and I am more than happy with the result. I wish I could share it here, but it has to stay off the internet until after it is uploaded to the gallery at RMH. It was so nice to work with some different papers this time. Yes, for once I didn’t buy chatterbox!!!! I do love CBX…but sometimes I just need a change. I found this YUMMY rusty pickle paper at my LSS and just had to bring it home. It’s so funny how sometimes the layouts just fall together. I wish it happened like that all the time!!!! I still have the “freestyle” layout to complete..then I can submit them and stop worrying!
My husband is so cute. He told me this morning that he heard that Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s sister has opened a scrapbooking store. He said “yanno..google it or something” LOL..he knows me so well!!!! So I decided to do just that and BOY am I glad I did!!!! There is so little out there for racing layouts. But this site has TONS!!! And it’s not that cutsie wootsie cartoon looking stuff. I called them today and will be placing an order soon. I just cannot wait to get the stuff. I have all these amazing pictures of Brian and his friends on the track but no supplies that work with them.
Speaking of racing..this week is the last race for the year. It’s funny how it has become so much a part of my life. I am so nervous, Brian is on the verge of a season championship and He’s close enough that if one person messes up he could have it. I get butterflies just thinking about it. I know that a second place finish is nothing to sneeze at…but I also know how much it would mean to Brian to get that championship. Oh well…I’ll just give it to God and let him handle it!!!
My weight watchers is going well. I’m having a really hard time coming up with low point meals to cook for the family, so I guess some research is necessary. But I have managed to stay pretty much on target with my points and I’m not too nervous about weigh in tomorrow. I was thinking the other day about my first day back. And I remembered something the lady said to me when I walked in…she asked me “are you a lifetime member?” Now lifetime members are people who have reached their goal weight and maintained…so was that a sideways compliment??? Maybe I don’t looke as fat as I feel LOL!!!!! It doesn’t matter..because in about a year I’m going to look a heck of a lot better!!!!!
well…I must head back to the scrap room now…not to mention all the housework I have to do!!! Until next time…..


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