Monday, Monday…da da…da da da

Standard that song!!’s monday, all day long. Can you believe it’s nearly 3 pm and I’m still in my jammies??? I sooooooooo need to get a life!!! It’s just been one of those rainy, dreary days that make you want to curl up on the sofa with a good book and some hot coffee. But when you have a two year old to look after, that just doesn’t happen!!! So if the closest I can get to that fantasy is lounging in my jammies all day…so be it!!! Nothing really exciting has happened today. Got the kidlets off to school this morning and came back and started on house work. Someone please tell me how this place gets to be such a pit??? It feels like I am CONSTANTLY cleaning..but it never shows. Oh well…I don’t get much company and someday the kids will be in college and I can have a neat house then. I get so jealous when I look at pictures some of my scrapping buddies show of their houses. Everything is in it’s place…no dust…no toys scattered about. It looks like an add for Martha stewart living. All I can say is either they don’t actually live in the rooms they show…or they have cleaning ladies LOL!!! (or maybe they have good kids who clean up after themselves??? Yeah!! that’s it!!!) It just seems like there are never enough hours in the day to get it all done. :: sigh ::
Anyway!!!! They posted the round one assignment on RMH today. I tried to sit down and work on some pages for it..but I’m so nervous and so badly want them to be good that I’m putting too much pressure on myself. So I had to step away from the scrap room for awhile. I’m sure it will come to me before long. I’m also nervous about the 19th. That is when EK success is announcing the finalists for their NASCAR contest. I would completely DIE if I were a finalist in that one. And I would be VERY popular with my husband!!! The grand prize is a trip for two to any race in the 2006 season. THAT would once and for all stop the complaining about how much I spend on scrapping supplies!!!! LOL!!! So…if I make finalist..know that you will ALL be getting emails demanding that you vote for me LOL!!!!
Well….I guess I will go for now. I may write more later…but Brian is home and it’s almost time to get the kiddies from the bus stop. So I’m thinking it would be prudent for me to get dressed. :: snicker :: Then if Brian doesn’t have to work tonight..we will be going into Spokane and stopping at the LSS (scrapbooking store mom) so I can try to brain storm and get a few much needed things (like adhesive…kinda hard to scrap with no adhesive!!!) Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!!!


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