What a day!!!!


Wow…today has been some kind of day!!! Fridays are always busy for me. It’s payday and I have to run into town to pay bills…and it makes for a long day. Today was no different. But I did get a much needed haircut!! (nothing new..just a trim!) and went back to weight watchers today. I was so surprised at my weight!! When I went off the program last year…I knew I had gained a lot back. But guess what…not as much as I thought!!!! I’m still around 20 pounds lighter than I was the first time I went to WW. So that makes me feel good. It makes me think that maybe some of the things I learned the first time stuck with me. I can hope at least. I do know that I am tired of having to shop in the plus size section. I am tired of feeling unattractive. I am tired of having no energy. I want to be healthy. I hope that I can make this work this time.
But surviving this busy day has brought something to my attention. I have got to be the most unorganized person on the planet!!!! I have good intentions…but nothing ever works like it should!!! I did manage to get everything done I needed to today..but I got home late and in a panic thinking that the kids may be home without me. (Brian was here..so no biggie..but still!!) I’m sitting here looking at everything I need to do, and I’m exhausted!!! I still have to clean up from dinner, clean the living room, bathe the kids, wash Brian racing suit for tomorrow, finish a circle journal that should have been in the mail last week, start on another circle journal that needs to go out next week, (are you getting tired yet?) Get a few things written down in my prayer journal (I’ve been really neglecting my prayers lately.) and I’m sure there are a few thousand other things that need to be done. I can’t help but think that if I were more organized it would all be done. Oh well..guess it’s one of my imperfections I need to work on!!! (looks like I know what I’ll be writing in my prayer journal tonight!!!)
So…in conclusion…it’s been a busy day. I am very tired. And I can’t wait for bedtime!!!!
Hope everyone reading this (misty…mom LOL!!!!) had a fantastic day today!!!


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